Herewith we would like to introduce the twin sisters Lotte and Karolien Nefkens.

It all started 8 years ago, Lotte did an internship at the horse company of the famous KWPN breeders  De Vries from Harlingen, not knowing that she would ever be at the helm of this business.  During Lotte her internship, the owners indicated that they wanted to stop their company due to the lack of successors; they had almost sold all their breeding horses.

Our parents then decided to buy the empty farm buildings with 6HA of land to give them (then only 19 years old) a chance to set up a horse farm. It may sound like a fairy tale, but the beginning was hard and tuff tough. The pressure was particularly great from the local Frisians, they were skeptical and the general opinion was "how will those two Dutch girls ever run that independently"? They despite hefty setbacks and disappointments, they have managed to put a horse company on the map step by step, which commands respect and appreciation from the greatest skeptics.

The company currently "accommodates" more than 100 horses and includes boarding, rearing, training and educating young horses as well as purchasing and selling horses to all continents. They focus on the dressage sport and both ride horses in the subtop. They organize weekly competitions from B to ZZ level. The company now employs 4 FTEs, is EQUER certified and, last but not least, the FNRS recently awarded us a 5 * designation.