Rearing Storage

For foals up to and including 3 year old, we offer a modern and spacious rearing facility, totaling around 1200 m². The horses are placed in 9 large separate group stables depending on age and sex. The horses always have unlimited roughage and the foals also a daily dose of sweet feed for sufficient vitamins and minerals. We observe the groups daily, to take immediate action in the event of deviant behavior.

We cuddle your horse behaviour, making later human contact easier and more natural. It will make them easier to handle for the farrier and for deworming . The stables are built according to the latest FNRS standards: open on 1 side, so there always is fresh air. 2 Large paddocks (15 m. X 40 m.) Border on the open side, so that even in bad weather and in the winter the horses always get outside with their own group during the day. In the summer the horses have the possibility to walk to the spacious meadows every day. .